Beautiful Scarf of crochet

The next station is loved by some and hated by others, but it has its charms like all other seasons and crochet scarf makes you very elegant. For us, crafts and crochet lovers, resulting in loose and toasty warm rolls ideas are emerging every day. For today's crochet tutorial the first idea that emerged was to involve the neck with an easy and super fast crochet scarf. It was used only a basic point and a point to finish. The beauty of this piece of crochêé due to the choice of a wool or textured and merged. This facility we have at our disposal more elaborate wires, gives us a chance to run faster crochet work with style, charm and elegance. 

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Baby Blanket with Picot Shell Border

How to make a Crochet blanket blanket handmade is a special gift for any baby. And nothing better to do you crochet. You can do it to give away at a baby shower or for your own baby using one of these methods.
Choose your line. There are various types of lines. If you are beginner will be easier to work with a simple line. The lines are divided by weight or thickness. The weight of the line will determine how big your points will be, what the appearance of the finished work and what the needle size you need to use. Will also define how long you'll take to finish his work.

This pattern is available as a free download !!

>> Free Pattern :  Baby Blanket with Picot Shell Border << 

Beautiful horse Purse

The knitting is one of the most popular types of crafts, known by enabling the production of manual pieces of clothing, bedspreads, tablecloths, pillow covers and knitting accessories.For example, you can create beautiful knitting horse .I hope you like and enjoy this knitting tip!

This pattern is available as a free download !!
>> Pattern :  Beautiful hourse Purse <<

Crochet Blanket for baby

Learn how to do the step by step crochet blanket as a gift at a baby shower. This beautiful blanket made with wool is a great option to cover the baby on the way out of motherhood.
This beautiful crochet blanket . It's really simple to follow and I have provided details for you to be successful. . What I can not answer to you is how much wire crochet you will need. If you are customizing your afghan, you'll have to make that determination for you. Use any size hook you wish, as long as complements wire crochet. Use any yarn you want.

>> Free Pattern : Crochet Blanket for Baby <<

Crochet baby Lovey

No doubt your baby will love this crochet toy. This pattern to crochet blanket will soon become the favorite toy for his son to take everywhere.

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Knitting poncho ... very nice!

Hello girlfriends , I would like to share with you a video tutorial on how knitting a Poncho.
A poncho is the perfect compromise between a sweater and a jacket. The cowl-neck variety eliminates the need for an additional scarf and the loose fit means you can layer as much as you’d like without looking bulky, making them flattering for any occasion. Ponchos are all the rage once again – they are the perfect autumn layer, like a cozy light blanket you can throw on over anything! The Perfect Fall Poncho features a simple cable-look pattern so it works up fast, an easy to wear shape , and is one size fits just about all adults!

Colorful crochet tablecloth

I made this washcloth for a client ... she saw the cover of the stool and wanted a well-colored washcloth as it ... did not have a right model and not to be too similar to the cover I decided to risk with this chart that time there was in my drawer. I was changing colors and gave it there ... a very cheerful rainbow! Surely her table will look good color!