crochet dress for Barbie

The Barbie doll is almost unanimity among children and women. And when it comes to beautiful crocheted dresses becomes a fever. And for us blog Crochet Free when these dresses are made in crochet is proud of.Check out graph of this beautiful dress for barbie doll !

Hat for girl of crochet

Girl crochet hat with graphic, I found this crochet hat on the internet, I found so beautiful and I could not resist, I had to share with you. The graphics are a little unclear, but the view to perfectly This hat line in crochet, allows thousands of variations, without changing the way you do.

Green crochet blouse

The manual art of crochet is sensational. According to historians the art of crochet has been around for millennia, since the days of prehistory. Gaining modernization style continues to be a success. And can invest and will always make good use crochet never goes out of fashion. The crochet you can use in any occasion that will certainly be stylish, thinking about it is that we share this beautiful crochet blouse for you to learn to do.

colorful crochet shawl

crochet shawls are great. They can be super easy to do, so they are a good project for beginners, but can also be detailed and dedicated for experienced crocheters. Use them to practice new points or just make a shawl crochet that offers a repeatable point for meditative crochet. The crochet shawl goes well at any time, even the most formais.Appliques and pins leave the piece with an exquisite touch!

Flower Power Valance

Crochet hook US size H

I used Sugar & Cream and Peaches & Creme yarn in various colors in addition to other various brand cotton yarns that I had.  Unfortunately I cant tell you how much yarn I used because I already had a lot of different colors in my stash.

DC = Double Crochet
CH = Chain
ST = Stitch
SL ST = Slip Stitch

Magic Ring = If you are not sure how to do this Google How to Crochet a Magic Ring

Join as you go = If you are not sure how to do this Google Join as you go Crochet Method
There are lots of tutorials on the internet for these methods

Full flower

Row 1:  Make a magic loop.  CH 3 (counts as first DC) 11 DC in magic loop.  Join with SL ST to 3rd CH of beginning CH 3. 12 stitches. 
Fasten off if you are changing colors.

Row 2:  Join the next color in any DC.  Ch4 (counts as your first DC & CH 1).  DC CH 1 around in each ST.  Join with SL ST in the 3rd ch of the beginning CH 4 to close round.  Do not fasten off.  12 DC with a ch 1 space in between.

Row 3:  SL ST into the first CH 1 space.  CH 3, 2 DC in the same CH 1 space.   3 DC in each CH 1 space around.  SL ST to the 3rd CH of the beginning CH 3 to close round. Fasten off if you are changing colors.  36 DC (3 in each space).

Row 4:  Join next color in any DC. CH 3 DC in same stitch CH 4, *skip over one DC, 2 DC in next ST, 2DC in next ST chain 4*. Repeat from * to * around until last 2 ST, SK 1 ST, 2DC in last ST.  Join with SL ST to 3rd CH of beginning CH 3.  Your ending join will be between the 2 sets of DC.  12 CH 4 spaces. Do not fasten off.

Row 5:  Make 8 DC in chain 4 SP. Skip 2 DC, SL ST in between the 2 sets of DC.  SK 2DC, 8 DC in next CH 4 SP.  Repeat around.  To end round SL ST in beginning ST and fasten off.

I used the join as you go method when making this curtain.  The join was in made in between  stitch  4 and 5 of the 8 DC on the last row.  See the picture on where to join each flower.

Assemble as follows

Row 1:  8 full flowers

Row 2:  Half flower, 7 full flowers, half flower.
Note: I added the full 7 flowers first, then went back and added the half flower on each end with the join as you go method into the space.   See the picture for where to start your first full flower on the 2nd row.  It will not be directly under the 1st flower.  You will be joining the flowers on the bottom of the 1strow and on the sides of the 2nd row as you go.

Row 3:  2 full flowers on each side

Row 4:  1 half flower and 1 full flower on each side.  See row 2 for the order in which they were added.

Row 5:  1 Full flower on each side.

video tutorial of how to create a chain of crochet flowers

The Blog crochet free teaches in the post today how to make a beautiful chain of colorful flowers of crochet. The application is very simple and quick follow the video tutorial, you will learn step by step through the entire process. We just need to wire of various colors and a crochet hook, the petals of the flowers are formed by a single strand. Hope you like it, have a great day friends .. kisses The video tutorial is done by Happy Barry Crochet.


The crochet without doubt is the preference of the moment, in blouses, in dresses, skirts and especially in bikinis. Including many celebrities have bet on this trend. The cool thing is that crochet is super versatile and can leave their elegant and at the same time stripped clothes. crochet combinations with jeans is a great tip! So if play is successful. Take a look at this wonderful crochet blouse !!

skirt elegant crochet

crochet skirt is the most feminine part of women's wardrobe. From the beginning of history, Crochet skirt is used due to its versatility ... Everything about her is variable: length, volume, the material used in the making, the adornments and even your way! The pieces in crochet has an air of the 70s, which resemble a more hippie and handmade visual (made by his own hand). On the other hand, they may also have a sexy and stripped connotation as well as delicate and chic! Everything will be a matter of taste and combination!