Crochet Blanket for baby

Learn how to do the step by step crochet blanket as a gift at a baby shower. This beautiful blanket made with wool is a great option to cover the baby on the way out of motherhood.
This beautiful crochet blanket . It's really simple to follow and I have provided details for you to be successful.

What I can not answer to you is how much wire crochet you will need. If you are customizing your afghan, you'll have to make that determination for you. Use any size hook you wish, as long as complements wire crochet. Use any yarn you want.

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Crochet baby Lovey

No doubt your baby will love this crochet toy. This pattern to crochet blanket will soon become the favorite toy for his son to take everywhere.

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Knitting poncho ... very nice!

Hello girlfriends , I would like to share with you a video tutorial on how knitting a Poncho.
A poncho is the perfect compromise between a sweater and a jacket. The cowl-neck variety eliminates the need for an additional scarf and the loose fit means you can layer as much as you’d like without looking bulky, making them flattering for any occasion. Ponchos are all the rage once again – they are the perfect autumn layer, like a cozy light blanket you can throw on over anything! The Perfect Fall Poncho features a simple cable-look pattern so it works up fast, an easy to wear shape , and is one size fits just about all adults!