Elephant crochet .... no doubt is a work of art

FOR CROCHET: Tromba + Head: With the purple line make 01 chain, make 07 high points in the chain and close a circle. Do 02 laps of high points, followed by 01 back with increasing 2:01 and 03 rounds of high points with no increase. Do more around 01 points higher with increasing 2:01 and 01 more around high points without increase. Do 03 laps with increasing 2:01, follow with 03 rounds of high point and 01 around lows jumping every 02 high points. Make 01 round highlights the low points and to finish make 01 round highlights. Body: With the purple line make 01 chain, make 14 high points in the chain and close a circle. Do 03 rounds highlights an increase 02 and 01. Finally make 09 rounds of high points with no increase. Ear: With pink line make 05 chains, make highlights on both sides of the chain, and the 02 end of the current you should do 03 high points in each, close the meeting. Follow with another round of high points, but this time make 02 high points at each end. Make one last round of high points with the pink line, increasing 03 points at each end. With the purple line to make around 01 high points, increasing 07 high points at each end. Make 01 around high points with no increase, followed by 01 back from lows to increase 02 and 01. Now make 01 round highlights catching behind the lows, and follow with 01 around high points without increase. Make 01 around lows, jumping every 02 high points. Finally do 02 laps lows. tail: With the purple line make 15 chains and 02 rounds of 15 lows.

Simply beautiful these parts crochet

You who likes fashion and arts and crafts, cannot fail to take the opportunity to have a beautiful ask crochet. They are beautiful and own to go to all the places and the more legal, is that are craft pieces unique or almost unique that only you will have. Lately, the fashion has appreciated very much the clothing options and accessories that are craft. work of crochet are high and really make the head of the main designers.

crochet vest

crochet vest 

Parts and details in crochet are key items for romanticism. Many international brands are betting on the craft looks that are already among the top trends for 2016. The crochet pieces arrive in broad points, gaining transparency and sensuality, or more closed points, full of detail and femininity. The crochet is very versatile, it can be very delicate or more rustic look, very craft. Between dresses, skirts and other clothing, boleros, jackets and crochet jackets are the most sought after and most commercial appeal parts, since they are super versatile and easy to combine, in addition to complement the look, leaving more stylish. These parts can be adapted to more fashion colors, exploring the trend of color blocking, for example, where vibrant colors are mixed on the same piece of crochet.

colorful crochet dress

Hello friends, I found this beautiful colored crochet dress searching the internet, I found it charming and would like to share with you. No doubt this beautiful dress crochet is wonderful . For those who have the ability, crochet dresses can be a great option to mount your style with your own hands, give a super unique gift for any loved one or even earn money by selling these wonderful pieces. In Crochet Blog Free, you will find many cool models with tutorials. And many crochet pieces - Check templates, graphics and recipes. For current trends, vibrant color, is among the highlights. So you can take the models and develop with other more exuberant colors. ethnic colors can inspire, but very much alive and fun colors can be a more interesting alternative, leaving the look of more contemporary crochet piece.

Beanie crochet for women

there are numerous models crocheted cap, and very easy to make a crocheted cap, and enables a simply amazing, complementing their looks, and heat the head and make your days more comfortable and warm winter with this beautiful piece of crochet. On the internet you can find many crochet beanie models with graphics, which makes it easier to manufacture your crochet, if any of you want to make your.

crochet dress for your princess

This hint of crafts is great for anyone who wants to learn new steps crochet and market products. Learn how to make this crochet dress to give birthday gift. This craft requires few materials and your step by step crochet is very simple, see below and customize the crochet dress the way you want.