zigzag afghan pattern crochet blanket

Learn how to make this beautiful crochet blanket Zig Zag. It's really simple to follow and I have provided details for you to be successful. In the video tutorial, I presented a rough note crochet diagram that I used. A copy of this crochet scheme, if you want to download it or print it out for yourself. I'll take you through this in the tutorial video. What I can not answer to you is how much wire crochet you will need. If you are customizing your afghan, you'll have to make that determination for you. Use any size hook you wish, as long as complements wire crochet. Use any yarn you want. I'm using Bernat L'il Tots in my demonstrations.

This crochet pattern / tutorial is available for free !!

Full tutorial : Blanket zigzag 

This is the pigeon or bird in crochet representing peace.

This is the pigeon or bird in crochet

I love these little animals are very dainty. It was a grace to face him. I made with special wool for baby and needle 2.5mm. The paws are coated wire yellow line of crochet yarn, still it was not exactly how I wanted the yarn, but I'm getting there. The pleasure of having done the divine was wonderful, if yesterday managed to do, is thanks to a very dear friend managed to do that promoted this idea creates it and with the help of another magnificent friend Ju Fidelis Gallery Ju could reach up to my Divino Espirito Santo, Crochet yarn Body

Step by step crochet yarn crochet yarn Legend:
n. - Mesh
ce - Air Circuit
sc. - Column without nakida
SS - connecting column
SSN. - Bar with nakida
PRSPs. - Polustolbik with nakida
on. - An increase - in a second loop sc
K. - Ubavka - 2 sc mesh together Head + BUST
1. 2 CP in paragraph 2 of the hook knit 6 sc.
2. 6 pr. (12P)
3. (RLS, etc.) x 6 times (18P)
4. (2sbn, etc.) x 6 times (24P)
5. 11sbn, etc., 11sbn av. (26p)
6. 5 series 26sbn (130p)
7. 7sbn (RLS, etc.) x 6 times, 7sbn (32P)
8. 7sbn (2sbn, etc.) x 6 times, 7sbn (38p)
9. 3 lines 38sbn (114p) + 2sbn (for knitting smoothing)

10. 7sbn (3sbn, etc.) x 6 times, 7sbn (44p)

11. 44sbn
12. 7sbn (4sbn, etc.) x 6 times, 7sbn (50P)
13. 50 + sc 2sbn (for knitting smoothing)
14. 7sbn (4sbn, K) x 6 times, 7sbn (44p)
15. 44sbn 2 RLS (alignment)
16. 7sbn (3sbn, K) x 6 times, 7sbn (38p)
17. 7sbn (4sbn, K) x 4 times 7sbn (34p)
18. 34 sbn + 2 sbn (for knitting smoothing)
19. 13sbn, K, 4sbn, K, 13sbn (32P)
20. 7sbn, (sc K) x 6 times, 7sbn (26p)
21. 7sbn (2sbn, K) 3 times, 6sbn, K. (22N)
22. 1sbn (3sbn, K) x 4 times 1sbn. (18P)
is very tight thing filled his head. More robust material chest, he should stay.
23. All ubavki until the end, until the hole is closed. Cut the thread and hide.

Link to the pattern here :  Pigen Crochet  

Point crochet zigzag

Hand made with a needle, the art of crochet patterns free requires technique and dedication, left behind the old people thing fame and became vintage piece, full of style and personality. Always reappears in fashion, he turned fever, won a sophisticated and unique status, a type of sewing known as the hobby of grannies has gained more prominence in the fashion world and has become a fad among celebrities. It is always associated with simplicity, but allows refinement with the use of more elaborate materials. This is a different and delicate point, with it you can make beautiful quilts or let your creativity to succeed, with the graphic everything becomes clearer to start working at this point. Of course, as I am in love with crochet free, will now start making a blanket for my daughter. Images and graphics found navigating the magical world of the internet, if you like it share with your friends. Kisses, soon bring news!

Handbag of crochet

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Crochet blouse with lace and sleeve 3/4

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